Breakout Seating


Our extensive range of break-out furniture is available in a wide variety of styles and upholstery options including tub chairs, coffee tables and sofas designed to make your rest room or staff room a relaxing environment.  Free delivery available.


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Relax In Style With Our Breakout Furniture

More and more businesses and companies are recognising the importance of break out areas and in doing so are seeing the benefits for both the staff and the wider office. Since the late 20th century computers have become a staple of office work and are, in most places, a focal point of the working day. This leads to long hours sitting and staring at a screen which can be detrimental not only to the productivity of the office, but also to the health of the employee. This is why many offices are reorganising and creating funky and vibrant break out areas that can ensure both the health and the happiness of the employees.

The Benefits Of Breakout Areas

Break out areas allow employees to have a break away from their screens without having to leave the office, meaning that they can take shorter breaks often. This provides a safe space for employees to chat amongst themselves which in turn increases moral amongst the office. Happy employees result in higher productivity and healthy staff decreases sick days and office colds. The collaborative environment of the break out area gives the office a group feeling in which employees work together to benefit the whole.

How To Find The Best Best Breakout Chairs

If you have decided to incorporate a break out area into your office it can be a tough process of choosing what style and colour furniture to purchase. These are important factors to consider as many offices choose to create a space that will reflect on the office as a whole as well as one that can create an aesthetic that will enhance the atmosphere.

Colour matching is often used in restaurants, bars and cafés and is used to enhance the dining experience by matching the décor to the style of food that is served. This process is not limited to hospitality though and can be used in offices in a similar way. When designing your break out area consider what colours you want to use and think about what kind of impact these colours will have on the mood. Tutorials regarding colour matching can often be found online and these can help you to look at the colour of your seating more critically and understand what kind of effect it has.

We offer an extensive range of break out seating in a number of styles, colours, fabrics, textures and finishes. Our range of seating here is also available in many shapes, sizes and modular solutions. It is easy to create a unique break out space that will reflect on your office and boost the office moral. For any help with this process please contact our design team who are happy to help.

We offer a free delivery service on all of our break out and soft seating to UK mainland addresses. Some highland postcodes may take slightly longer for delivery, please contact our sales team to be sure. 

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