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Breakout Stools

Break out areas are a space for employees to refresh away from their workstations. This is incredibly important in the 21st century, where much work is based around the computer screen. Many offices are using a variety of furniture within their break out areas and have begun to experiment with colours to create the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing environment. 

Lounge stools can be a great way to use colour within your break out area as they are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, fabrics and colours. In this section you can find our extensive range of break out stools that can be used alongside other furniture to create the ideal space for your office.

Many of these stools can be used in other applications too. Just some of the places you can find this type of seating include nurseries, schools, colleges, universities, libraries, retail settings, waiting rooms, children's play rooms and information spaces i.e museums, tourist information centres and council buildings. 

We provide an extensive range of break out stools in a number of styles. Browse through our modular stools or our variety of shapes such as circular, pebble, jigsaw, cube, peanut and bench, among many more. For bright and colourful eye-catching stools be sure to check out our Circles Breakout Seating, Pebble Modular Seating and the Zig Zag Modular Seating. Most of the seating in this range is available in a large amount of fabrics and in a further number of colour finishes. Just some of the fabrics available include 24/7 Heavy Duty, 100% Wool, Weave, Just Colour Vinyl, Velveteen, Hemp Plus, Denim Plus and both faux and genuine leathers, among many more. Each fabric itself has a large number of colour finishes available. One example if the Just Colour Vinyl fabric option which has over 30 bright and vibrant colours to choose from including Marigold, Rouge, Ocean Blue, Tangerine, Bubblegum, Citrus Green and Apple Mint. 

We are sure to have something to suit your application. If you are looking for something in particular and cannot find it here then don't hesitate to get in touch. Our in house design team and sales department are there to help you. 

All of our break out furniture is available for free delivery to UK mainland addresses.