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Breakout Tub Chairs

Our range of tub chairs that can be used for a wide range of applications around the office or other commercial area. These chairs are ideal for use in break out areas, staff rooms and any other area in the office that may require this type of soft seating.

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More and more offices are now using break out areas as a way to boost office morale and in turn boost the productivity of the employees. A break out area is an area that is open to employees away from their usual working space. This can help offices comply with health and safety laws that require employees to take frequent breaks away from their computer screens. Since the 1980s more and more work is computer based and the furniture industry has transformed, with the development of ergonomics, to find ways to provide a comfortable and health conscious workspace that maintains the users posture. However, mental health is just as important as physical health and taking regular breaks from the workstation can ensure that employees are refreshed, alert, awake and feeling positive.

The Tub Chair is a classic piece of furniture that is often found in break out areas. The original 'tub chair' can be traced back throughout centuries to Victorian England where they could often be found in the homes of the very wealthy or in Gentleman's Clubs. With the industrial revolution came a wider access to materials and manufacturing processes and this led to the classic tub chair being revolutionised to a piece of furniture now often found in the home.

Tub chairs today are available in an extensive number of designs, materials, fabrics and colours. There are many accessories available also such as built in writing tablets that are useful for training environments or educational settings. Often tub chairs can be found with modern styles of frames rather than just the original full tub base. 

In this section you can find our range of tub chairs that are perfect for break out areas. Comfort is one of the main points of a break out are and so our collection combines some of the most attractive designs that are built to maximise comfort. We aim to offer a large amount of choice and so many of these tub chairs are available in a number of fabrics and colour finishes. Just some of the fabrics available to choose from include Plain Weave, Oporto Vinyl, Crepe Fabric, Geometric, Textured, Hopsack, 100% Wool, Blazer Check, Hemp Plus, Denim Plus, Velveteen and both faux and genuine Leathers, among many many more. Each fabric itself has an extensive number of colour finishes to choose from. One example of this is the 100% Legano Wool fabric option which has 33 bright and vibrant colour finishes available. Be sure to browse through the different bands of upholstery for full details on each fabric.

We offer a free delivery services on all orders within the UK mainland. Buy with confidence from Office Reality, one of the leading suppliers of office furniture in the UK. 

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