Office Chair Mats For All Surfaces

This is our range of office chair mats that can be used in both commercial and domestic environments. Chair mats can be used to provide protection to hard floors or carpets as well as make sure that your chair stays stationary when in use. Our range of chair mats are all see through and are available in a range of shapes to suit the set up of your office or home office. 

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Protect Any Type Of Florring With Affordable Office Chair Mats

Today many people use an office in some shape or form. Whether it is the traditional group office, or as a self-employed professional in a shared office, or even in a home office space, many people in the 21st century spend a majority of their day at a desk. This becomes even truer when we think about children at school, or students at university. Thus, as our lives become more oriented around desk based work the furniture industry has had to adapt and shape itself to provide solutions to common problems.

Work based injuries negatively impact productivity and an increase in sick days can have a huge effect on the overall office moral. It is important for any desk based application to ensure the safety of its employees, students or public, and in doing so will preserve the atmosphere of the space.

One issue involving safety is moving chairs. Desk chairs often sit upon castors which enable the chair to be easily moved around. Often the castors are lockable allowing for the chair to be locked into one position but more often than not they act as just basic wheels and don’t allow for any locking feature.

Why You Need A Chair Mat

Generally wheels on chairs are safe and are a benefit to the user. However, if the flooring is uneven, or if the user is fidgety, the chair can slide unnecessarily and this can result in accidents and injuries. Also, wooden flooring can be damaged by a heavy desk chair that is constantly sliding.

We provide a range of chair mats that offer a solution to this problem. They can used to provide protection from the chair and prevent injuries. Many of our items are made from recycled material or are recyclable themselves. The transparent appearance of the chair mats allows them to be discreetly placed and not be eye-catching or gaudy.

We offer a free delivery service to UK mainland addresses. For help with any queries or advice regarding space planning please contact our design team. 

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