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Conference Chairs with Writing Tablets

A large selection of conference chairs with writing tables. Ideal for training and classroom situation. Choose from upholstered tub chair designs and durable plastic and plywood chairs.

Here you can find our range of conference seating with the added feature of a writing tablet. This style of seating is beneficial to a number of places including schools, colleges, universities, lecture halls, conference halls, meeting spaces, libraries and training environments. There are many benefits to choosing this style of conference chair for your application.

One obvious benefit is the space issue. Many settings have limited space and this can be difficult especially when it comes to large scale meetings, training exercises and lectures. By investing in seating with a writing tablet you are saving the space that would be used up by large scale tables. This also allows you to move the room around frequently as these chairs can be easily moved when needed and the tablets can be tucked away when not in use. This allows the setting to be opened up and used for other functions whereas with tables this can be a lot harder to achieve.

We aim to provide as much choice as possible and so have a wide variety of seating in this section. Choose from Aluminum, Wood or Plastic among other materials and choose between upholstered seats or poly seats. We have both left handed and right handed available or the option of interchangeable writing tablets which depends upon the user. 

All of our conference chairs are covered by commercial guarantees and have been manufactured to the highest standard for rigorous use. We deliver all of our seating for free to UK mainland postcodes.