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Mesh Conference Chairs

Mesh Conference Chairs come in a wide range of styles. Some you can custom and others come with arm rests. The Mesh chairs are design to support your back and increase the chance of a better posture throughout the day.

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The mesh chair has been around since 1984 when Herman Miller, an American office furniture manufacturer, designed and developed the 'Aeron chair' which introduced to the world a new fabric called 'Pellicle'. This new material changed the humble office chair as it was a mesh like material, sheer in appearance, that covered the back of the chair. In 2010 the Aeron was titled 'America's best-selling chair' and to this day is featured in a permanent position in the Museum of Modern Art. Once the Aeron has broke America it made its way around Europe and has influenced an extensive number of mesh seating to follow in its footsteps. 

Mesh fast became a favourite material for furniture designers and manufacturers as it allowed the chair to be 'breathable', offering air ventilation which enabled the user to cool down during hot or humid weather. It is also a flexible material which moulds to the user's back and this made it a favourite during the rise of ergonomic furniture as it offers vital posture support which is important to maintaining the user's health. 

In this section you can find our range of mesh conference seating that can be used in a number of applications. Mesh can be beneficial to conference settings like it is to the office worker as often conferences require people to be sitting for long periods of time. Thus, the mesh backing allows a comfortable back support that allows air ventilation and cools down the user. 

At Office Reality we have an extensive number of mesh conference chairs in a variety of shapes, designs, materials and colour finishes. Many of the upholstered seating in this range is available in a selection of fabrics and each fabric in a further large amount of colour finishes. If you require help with colour matching please get in touch; we have an in house design team on hand to assist you in this process.

We offer a free UK mainland delivery service on all of our orders.