Draughtmans Chairs

Draughtsman chairs feature adjustable rise functions, suiting people who need to work at levels higher than the standard desk height. Draughtsman chairs also provide excellent lumbar support for a healthy posture - we have several different styles available depending on how much back support you require. If your office needs chairs that can adjust depending on an individual’s needs, there’s no better chair than a draughtsman chair.


Our range of draughtsman chairs are available in fabric or bonded leather options. Fitted with extra high swivel bases and built to last, we have one of the most comprehensive selections of draughtsman chairs in the UK. Browse our selection of draughtsman chairs below to find the ideal office chair for your workspace.

Improve Your Working Environment With A Draughtsman Chair

Draughtsman chairs are ideal for use in a number of applications – use in the office, laboratory, school, college or university among others. By choosing a Draughtsman chair you are choosing an office chair that is flexible to a variety of daily needs and the Draughtsman has a reputation for being both versatile and durable.

When looking for an office chair that is flexible you shouldn’t have to compromise. Our range of Draughtsman chairs are built with support in mind and so many are built with strong backs that encourage good posture and all of the chairs in this range feature footstools for added safety.  We have a wide variety of Draughtsman chairs in many different styles, fabrics, materials and colours.

If you are browsing with a project in mind or are struggling with using space efficiently then don’t hesitate to contact us. Our in house design team offer a free space planning service that can help you visualise your space to ensure you feel confident in your order. All of our Draughtsman chairs are delivered for free within the UK mainland. 

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