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Classroom Chairs

Our comprehensive selection of classroom and education chairs that are available in a choice of different styles including poly chairs, fabric chairs, other chairs all for classroom and education use.

In this section you can find our range of classroom seating that contains a wide variety of different styles and designs. We aim to provide a wide amount of choice to suit all budget types and meet the requirements of different educational applications. 

One great feature that is always beneficial to the classroom is a chair that is stackable, like the Babatti Polypropylene Armchair or the A1 Next Day Poly Chair. Being stackable means that the chair can be easily moved and stored away when not in use. This is often every day at the end of the school day as the classroom needs to be cleaned. As the chairs are stackable the space can be opened up for a thorough cleaning to ensure hygiene standards are maintained. 

There are many chairs in this range that are manufactured using strong Plastic. Plastic is a great choice for educational seating as it resistant to damage within tough conditions and is easily wiped clean. It is easy to maintain and this is a bonus in a busy environment with children around. 

Another great benefit of plastic is the large amount of colour plastic chairs are available in. The Bahia Designer Poly Conference Chair, for example, is available in Black, Blue, Orange, Yellow and/or Turquoise. 

Manufactured to a high standard within either the UK or Europe these education chairs are built to a high standard and are built to last in tough conditions.