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We spend more time at work than anywhere else in our lives and many of us spend more time sitting on an office chair than on anything else. A well designed comfortable seating option is therefore essential for improving posture and performance, whilst preventing potential damage to your back, neck, and shoulders. An ergonomic chair, however, is not necessarily designed to make you more comfortable or to support your problematic ailments. Whilst the features of the chair should certainly alleviate and help these aches and pains, a well-designed ergonomic chair will help you to encourage movement. 

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Ergonomic Chairs That Enhance Posture & Guarantee Comfort

The history of the ergonomic chair is rich and pans out throughout the past few centuries. The term “ergonomics” was first coined in 1857 by polish biologist Wojciech Jastrzebowski in which he derived the term from Greek words: “ergon” means ‘work’ and “nomos” equals ‘natural laws’. Considered the father of ergonomics, Jastrzebowski introduced the term into language and founded a base for studies to begin.

The scientific base for ergonomics is thought to have developed in the 1950s in relation to factory workers who found themselves to have injuries such as arthritis through the repetitive labour of the factory. With the advancements in technology coming quick by the 1980s computers were at the focal point of many people’s working days. However, with this new technology came new styles of injuries from repetitive movement and long hours sitting at a desk. As office workers began to complain of aches, furniture manufacturers had to advance to keep up with the growing demand for furniture that could support all day work. Thus, the demand for ergonomic furniture took off.

The first ergonomic chair was a basic chair that allowed the user to adjust the back and the seat height. It was created by a German designer, Wilfred Dauphin, who in 1968 was hired in Britain to research the impact that prolonged use of the computer had on office furniture. He and his wife later founded his own company and created the first ergonomic chair that later spread throughout Europe and then into the United States.

Since Dauphin’s chair there have been many advancements and changes in the ergonomic chair that we see today. Designers today have to account for the large amounts of technology we use – often, many people go home from the office to sit at their computer at home. We use smartphones which also can affect our posture and hands. The traditional 6 – 8 hour working day is also being challenged with many people working late evenings during busy office periods.

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In order to ensure the safety of your team it is important to keep up to date with ergonomic furniture. Not only does it provide a safe, stable and comfortable base for the user it also ensures that health is the top priority of the office and this can impact positively on office moral. If you are looking for a comfortable office chair that is built to an ergonomic standard then look no further. We have a huge collection of ergonomic chairs and if you buy any chairs from Office Reality, you will benefit from a free UK mainland delivery on all your orders.

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