In this section you can find our range of Mesh Operator chairs that are over £100. We have an extensive range of mesh operator chairs to suit all needs, requirements and budgets. Mesh operator chairs can be beneficial to a variety of places for a number of reasons. 

Around the 1970s there was a rise in studies concerning the effects of long office hours on the human body which led to the development of ergonomic furniture. Listening to the complaints of office workers about aches, pains and injuries designers and manufacturers together formed a new style of furniture that would alleviate the struggles of the long working day and support the body to maintain its health. This new style of furniture worked with the body and mesh was just one of the ways that designers managed to achieve this.

Mesh is a popular choice for office furniture as it allows air ventilation to keep the user's back cool whilst also being flexible as it moulds to the shape of the user's back to provide maximum support and comfort. This in turn boosts productivity as it allows the user to work for long periods of time without doing damage to their posture, joints or muscles. 

We have a large range of mesh operator chairs ranging in many styles and with a large number of features. In this section you will find a variety of features including headrests, lumbar support, gas lift height adjustments, waterfall seats, synchro tilt mechanisms and soft touch arm pads among many more. These features are designed with the human body in mind and are beneficial to the user. For example, a waterfall seat front relieves pressure from the thigh area, whilst the synchro tilt mechanism promotes healthy sitting and good posture. 

We also have many chairs that are available in a number of colours and fabrics. The Trend Mesh Back Chair - Xtreme Seat, for example, has a seat available in over 50 colours, and a mesh back available in either Black or Grey. Many others in this range have different fabric or colour option so be sure to browse through. 

Choose to buy Mesh Operator Chairs from Office Reality, one of the leading UK suppliers of office furniture, and receive your order with our free delivery service to UK mainland postcodes. 

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