Operator Chairs

This is our collection of operator chairs and desk chairs that are available to buy and delivered to anywhere in the UK mainland absolutely free of charge.

When designing and refurbishing an office space it is important to think about the health of the people who will be using the space the most, and so it is vital to ensure the safety of all furniture. The look of the office space is obviously important to what kind of environment you want to create as this impacts upon the productivity of the user. However, as work-related injuries are on the increase it is necessary to think about the ergonomics of the furniture you choose. We provide an extensive range of furniture designed specifically for offices and designed with the human body in mind.

High-quality operator chairs and swivel chairs for any office

In the 21st century, many people spend a majority of their time in the sedentary position. Long hours in an office plus a relaxed evening at home on the sofa can result in a less active lifestyle that can cause many issues with the back, neck and arms. The stress from a long-term seating position can be eased dramatically from sitting with a good posture, although many people find this difficult to maintain and in the short term find slumping shoulders a lot easier. However, by creating awareness of the importance of good posture as well as providing safe and stable operator chairs you can ensure the safety and fitness of your team, which in the long run will have positive effects on the office space as a whole.

As choosing the right chair is important we stress that you browse through our extensive range and check out the features of several chairs. This is because different chairs may work better for different people, and it is advisable to not simply purchase the cheapest operator chair available. This is not from a sales point of view – in the long run, your productivity may decrease due to an uncomfortable chair. Take your time, and for any help in choosing the right chair don’t hesitate to contact us – we are always happy to help.

Fully adjustable to meet your swivel chair needs

The ideal office chair is not only ergonomic, for health, but also fully adjustable built-in lumbar support. This is because humans are built in many different shapes and sizes, and a fully adjustable chair with lumbar support allows the chair to be changed to suit different people’s needs. This helps to provide support to many different people’s backs – if you require office chairs for hot desks then this information should be paramount to your decision making. 

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