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Ergonomic Task Chairs

Ergonomic is a word that is becoming ever more popular within the office furniture industry and it is easy to see why. We as a nation are working longer hours during the day and are spending large amounts of that time, sitting in a sedentary position, with often a bad posture. If you do not have a working chair with ergonomic functionality and features you may be causing problems for your posture and body. 

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Ergonomic office chairs with comfort in mind

It was during the 1950s that the scientific basis for ergonomics was developed. It was around this time that many factory workers found themselves with injuries and pain that was due to repetitive movements being frequently made. This then transferred to injuries sustained by office workers in the 1970s and 80s as the computer became the focal point of many people’s working day. New styles of injuries and repetitive strain pains became the issue as employees began to complain of aches.

The furniture industry was quick to pick up on these complaints and manufacturers had to advance to keep up with demands for furniture that could support long working hours. The first ergonomic chair was a basic one in comparison to the ones seen today, being designed by a German designer, Wilfred Dauphin, being a basic chair that had an adjustable back and seat height. Dauphin and his wife then founded their own company and created the first truly ergonomic chair which later spread throughout Europe and then the USA.

Since Dauphin there has been a surge of research regarding ergonomics. Researchers have found a number of ways to support the human body through long hours of repetitive work and from this stemmed an extensive range of ergonomic furniture including desks as well as seating.

In this section you can find many of the modern styles of ergonomic swivel chairs that have been designed since Dauphins first blueprint. It is important as an employer to maintain the health of your staff as this in turn benefits the office as a whole. Since ergonomics was founded work related injuries have decreased thus boosting maintaining the health of the staff and in turn boosting the morale of the office.

One of our best selling ergonomic office chairs is the Chiro range which has been approved by recognised Chiropractors as having an enhanced and ergonomically correct level of back support. The Chiro is available in medium and high back options and with a choice of several fabric colours on the seat. This chair features a twist action lumbar support to vary the degree of back support to suit the user. The arms are height adjustable for lower arm support when using the keyboard. The Chiro operators chair also features a seat tilt mechanism and synchro action to promote healthy sitting. The Chiro operators chair is held in stock for a free next day delivery. Some assembly is required or this chair can be delivered assembled for a small extra charge

The extra high curved back of the Ethos office chair gives this chair a superior level of back support. The Ethos operator chair also features a forward seat slide for taller users, synchro action, back tilt tension control which is conveniently controlled by a side tension bar and optional height adjustable arms. The optional Chrome spider base add to the attractive appeal of this operators chair. The Ethos operator chair is manufactured in the UK and delivered assembled in four weeks from order. Ethos chairs are offered in a wide range of fabrics vinyls and leathers, please ring our sales team for a free fabric card.

Orthopaedica task chairs are the ultimate ergonomic choice and offer a superior level of comfort with a sculputured back to suit the shape of the spine. This chair is packed full of features both standard and optional including a coccyx cut out, upper spine (Thorax) support and inflatable thoracic support. A headrest can also be provided for additional support to teh back and neck area.

The Ecoposture chair is a good value for money ergonomic solution with an inflatable lumbar support that allows the user to pump air into the back of the chair creating back support tailored to the shape of the back. The air can be easily released via a valve if another user needs to use the chair.  A forward seat slide, 2:1 synchro mechanism and height adjustable arms are also available with this chair.

For more information on ergonomics please contact our sales team who will be happy to help with any questions you may have. We provide a free delivery service to any UK mainland addresses as standard with all our ergonomic office furniture. You can buy ergonomic chairs for your office with confidence from Office Reality, one of the leading UK suppliers of office furniture.

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