At Office Reality we aim to provide the largest amount of choice at the best possible value. That's why we provide a variety of office furniture available for under £100.00 to ensure we meet all different budget types. 

There are several features to look for when browsing for a suitable operator chair.  An adjustable height mechanism is a sign of a high quality operator chair as it means that the seat can be adjusted to suit the user's proportions and ensure that maximum comfort is allowed. This is a must have in an office environment, especially one with the hot desk system, as many different users may use the same chair. Back support is another important feature of an operator chair as sitting for long periods of time can have a negative effect upon the back of the user. Providing a comfy seat with proper back support ensures the health of the employee is maintained and this in turn boosts productivity and office morale. Finally, a great feature of an operator chair is the swivel mechanism. This allows users to perform a variety of tasks as they can easily move to have access to various parts of the workspace. This enables employees to work efficiently without causing strain upon their muscles from frequent movement. 

In this section you can find a wide selection of different operator chairs all available at prices under £100.00 Here you can find seating with back support, arm rests, swivel and level mechanisms among many other seating features. Many of the chairs in this section are available in a number of fabrics, colours and finishes to suit a variety of decors. For example, the Daisy Operator Chairs has 2 bands of upholstery to choose from, with 9 overall different fabrics to choose from - Xtreme Crepe Medium Hazard, Main Line Plain Weave, Urban Textured Fabric, Chataeu Hopsack Fabric, Bradbury Torro Vinyl, Advantage Plain Weave, Phoenix Crepe Fabric, Lexaire Vinyl and Arizona Fabric. Each fabric itself has a large amount of colour to choose from with many having over 50 colour finishes available. We are sure to have something to suit your decor!


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