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Fabric Sofas

Fabric sofas are common place in offices these days and are used for as number of different uses. The first area that you can expect to find sofas is reception area.

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When selecting the furniture for your reception space it is important to choose furniture that is both attractive and professional looking but also functional. The reception space is usually the first thing that potential clients, existing customers and visitors will see when they enter your office. It is vital then to make the right first impression and convey the appropriate image.

Seating is a priority in this space as often people will be waiting for small periods of time.Fabric sofas can be a great choice to use among other styles of seating such as tub chairs for reception areas. A fabric reception sofa must be sturdy and easy to maintain as many people will be using it throughout the day. However, it must also be aesthetically pleasing and professional in appeal as even the seating can represent your company or reception in some way.

At Office Reality we aim to cater for all. We provide a large amount of choice to suit a variety of décors and meet the requirements of many different budgets. Here you can view our extensive range of fabric sofas for receptions which includes a variety of sizes, shapes, designs and colours. There is a huge amount of upholstery and colour finishes to choose from. For example, the Dorchester Sofa is available in 5 different fabrics – Advantage Plain Weave, Phoenix Crepe Fabric, Manhattan Geometric, Arizona Fabric and Macflex Oporto Vinyl. Within each band of upholstery there is a large amount of finish options to choose from – the Advantage Plain Weave band of upholstery, for example, has over 50 colours to choose from whilst the other bands each have over 30.

Sometimes it can be difficult to know what to choose when there is so much to browse through. If you are unsure about what upholstery and/or colour is right for your reception space, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have an in house design team on hand to assist you in this process and find the perfect furniture for you.

All of our reception fabric sofas are delivered free of charge to UK mainland addresses. 

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