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Fabric Tub Chairs

Fabric tub chairs have become increasingly popular within the commercial furniture market for a few reasons. First of all they have a unique shape that replicates a bath tub which gives the chair its overall look and also helps the user to feel comfortable whilst seated.

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For a long period of time what we know as the ‘Tub Chair’ was a wooden structure without any upholstery. This type of tub chair can be dated back throughout history where it was a piece of furniture only owned by the richest in society. As technology advanced and our industries became revolutionised the access to materials and resources changed dramatically and this in turn revolutionised our furniture. Soon the tub chair was available in an endless amount of designs, fabrics and colours, and could be found in the homes of many.

The fabric tub chair we know today is simple and minimalist in design yet it is warm, inviting and features a classic design that is familiar to many. The origins of the name are unknown although it is often thought that the term ‘Tub’ relates the shape of the chair as it is shaped in the same way that a bathtub is. This curved design offers great back support and it is this level of comfort, along with the professional aesthetic, that makes these chairs ideal in receptions and waiting rooms.

We aim to provide as much choice as possible to suit a variety of budgets. In our range of fabric tub chairs you can find a number of different shapes, sizes and styles alongside a variety in the choice of upholstery available, with there being faux and genuine leather options available amongst fabric. Each band of upholstery is available in unique colour finishes and we have an extensive range of colours to choose from.

A good example of the large amount of choice we have is the Roxy Contract Fabric Tub Chair. There are 4 different bands of upholstery to choose from with this seating and combining the bands there are altogether over 270 finishes to choose from. We are sure to have something to suit your décor but if you are not sure don’t hesitate to get in touch as we can help in finding the appropriate tub chair for your setting.

Tub chairs can also be provided with writing tablets to reflect the increasing use of lap tops and tablets, while the visitors is waiting as well as providing a facility for a quick and casual meetings in the reception or lounge area. The Azo TE tub chair have a tablet that can be pushed aside when it isnt required and is available in vinyl, fabric and leather.

All of our fabric tub chairs are available for free delivery to UK mainland addresses.

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