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Glass Coffee Tables

We have a wide selection of modern and attractive glass coffee tables that are available at an affordable price. Designed for commercial use, these tables will look great in reception areas as well as the break out and staff rooms.

Today, in the 21st century, the modern Coffee Table can be found in many homes as well as in commercial applications such as bars, cafés, coffee shops and retail settings. However, many people wouldn’t realize the rich history of what we now know as the ‘coffee table’. The exact history of the coffee table is unknown although they have been traced back throughout history to around the 17th and 18th century in Europe, although exact dates are not known. It is thought that the modern coffee table is in fact a piece of furniture that was introduced to Europe from Japan and the Indian subcontinent where there has long been a tradition at eating and drinking at low tables.

Coffee tables have been popular in both domestic and commercial applications since around the mid 20th century. We have a wide range of glass coffee tables built to the highest possible standard. They are a great addition to reception areas as they are minimalist in design featuring sleek curved angles and strong feet in a variety of materials including Wood, Aluminium and curved fabric. Glass as a material allows a lot of light into the setting and this can be beneficial to a reception space as it should be warm and inviting.

Having a glass coffee table not only enhances the overall look of the area, but it also helps to create a professional environment that helps to give a modern overall look and appeal.

Buy glass coffee tables from Office Reality and you will benefit from a free delivery to any UK mainland addresses.