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Leather Sofas

It may come as no surprise when we say that a reception area is one of the most important spaces within your office. This is where the first impressions are made about your company so it is important that you make this area give a good representation of your business, but that you make the area comfortable and inviting. To achieve this, make sure you choose the right leather sofa for this area.

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In order to achieve this, the reception seating that you choose should not only look the part but should also feel comfortable as this is where your visitors and potential customers or clients will be waiting for you.

Leather sofas or tub chairs, which to choose…

There are a few different types of reception seating that you can consider. Tub chairs are very common in reception areas as they are not only compact, but they have raised arms and back that to help with comfort levels. Of course functionality is not the only factor in good reception seating, the form is also important. There are many different designs of tub chair that are upholstered in wide ranges of fabrics, leathers and vinyls, so it is worth spending time looking if you want to furnish your reception area with tub chairs.

Another option that is worth considering are sofas. Sofas that are used in reception areas differ to domestic sofas and you can usually tell just by looking at them. For example, you rarely find sofas that are fitted with chrome feet inside people’s homes. Like tub chairs reception sofas are made in comprehensive ranges of fabrics, faux and real leathers, with some sofas that form 2 seater and 3 seater versions of tub chairs.

Beam seating and unit sofas are other forms of reception seating that can be used in reception areas, however are most often used in waiting areas as well as receptions. Unit sofas and beam seating are very versatile as they can be arranged in many different configurations to create interesting shapes and deigned but also be used to optimise any given seating area.

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