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Ergonomic Office Desks

Welcome to our ergonomic office desks department where you’ll find an unrivalled choice of ergonomic office desks suitable for any working environment. Our ergonomic office desks are designed to aid good posture whilst working. Pairing our ergonomic office desks with our ergonomic office chairs is a great way of helping with back, shoulder and neck problems. We offer free delivery to the Mainland UK address and all of the office desks in this department have a five year factory backed guarantee.

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Ergonomic desks are sometimes known as radial desks and come in left and right hand variants teh 600mm deep end of the radial desk is often a convenient location for desk height drawers as can be seen on this Tozer desk and pedestal bundle  

The Avalon extra large corner or radial desk is a popular choice with a symmetrical footp[rint making it easier for planning and comes in a choice of 3 sizes as as with all models from tha Avalon range the desk also benefits from free installation

120 degree pentagon desks bring the user into the desk allowing easier access to the left and right hand side of the desk and are useful when planning groups of three or when an organic layout is required connecting groups of 3 and 5 together.  The Elica Trigon range offers a number of ergonomic solutions  with extension and meeting ends to offer some great ergonomic desk cluster solutions.

Our design team are are trained and qualified to provide good ergonomic desk layouts in support of your project this is a free service provided in support of the products we supply. Please do not hesitate to contact us we are pleased to help with your requirement.