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Elev8 Mono Desking, Screens and tables

Elev8 Mono sit-stand desks allow the individual user to electronically adjust the desk height from sitting to a standing position with the gentle touch of a button. Having the option to stand, as well as sit during the working has been proven not only to benefit the health of the user but also the business, dramatically improving health, well-being and energy levels of employees. The Elev8 Mono range is supplied with a single motor (Elev8 Touch has twin motors) for the fluid movement of the desktop with a maximium weight load of 160kg. There are also some useful accessories within the Elev8 range such as the screens for single desk and back to back desks in a wide range of fabrics. Cable management accessories are also featured to keep cables up off the floor and out the way. 

Major international research over recent years has produced evidence that sitting for more than 4 hours a day leads to: Disrupted blood sugar levels, increased insulin, increased blood pressure levels, enzymes responsible for burning harmful blood fats shutting down, and leg muscles switch off. Studies also show that Elev8 sit-stand desks promote creatively, team interaction, collaboration, and the willingness to share information and ideas. So when it comes to the Elev8 range, a desk is much more than a place to work -it's a working culture that benefits both the employee and the company. Please refer to the information below explaining the differences between the two Elev8 desk ranges, Touch and Mono.

DIfferences betweeen Elve8 AND Elev8 Mono

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