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Elev8 Touch Desks, Screens and Tables

Our stunning Elev8 Touch range offers the ability to change between sitting and standing positions during the average working day. With huge health benefits such as helping to burn calories, boost energy levels and improve posture and mental well-being. Not only does switching between sitting and standing positions provide many health benefits it also helps to promote productivity in the workplace. Promoting creativity, team interaction, collaboration and willingness to share ideas. Our touch range is made through a twin motor for fast, fluid and natural movement. Featuring fabricated screens, available in special sizes to provide added privacy. With added cable management for a tidy look. 

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Our Elev8 Touch range provides the ideal solution to address the issue of employees not spending enough time standing during the average working day. Sit-stand desks are the perfect solution to create an environment where colleagues can collaborate easily before simply moving there desk to a seated position. 


DIfferences betweeen Elve8 AND Elev8 Mono