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Worktables (Agile working)

The way in which we work is changing, meaning businesses need to evolve and make their offices suit before it’s too late. Many employees much prefer choosing when and where to work, reducing the need for designated desks. This is where worktables come in. As flexible working routines and ‘hot-desking’ becomes all the more popular, worktables help to support the agile working movement without the need for renovations. Browse our range of agile working worktables below to get started. From worktables with fitted lights right through to workbenches with protection screens, we’ve got you covered.

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Worktables Make Flexible Working Possible


What Is Agile Working?


Agile working is deemed as ‘the future of work’. It’s a phrase that’s used to describe the evolution of the workplace, as we move towards more flexible ways of working. This means that, rather than employees having their own designated office desk, they are invited to sit at collaborative worktables whenever they wish.

The majority of agile workplaces focus on having designated areas for different types of work. This helps to improve wellbeing and creates a clean divide between work and leisure; which has been proven to boost productivity. These designated areas are usually categorised into work, leisure, share, presentation and storage.

The Benefits Of Agile Working

Agile working has proved to be a great success amongst workforces, particularly in places dominated by slightly younger generations. Employees feel more motivated and productive with flexible environments as they have the freedom to take breaks and move to more uplifting areas whenever they wish. A change in environment can really stimulate the brain, helping to create a higher performing business as a result.