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With the increase of remote working and working from home practices, it is important to make sure your home office or workspace is set up correctly to ensure comfort, good posture and productivity throughout the working day.  We can offer you advice on how to set up your home office and workspace and to suggest suitable furniture and accessories to make your day as comfortable as possible. Below we have put together some tips that you may find useful for homeworking practices.


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Your Home Office Needs A Home Office Desk!

  1. Decide on a suitable workspace area and build a dedicated workspace. It’s important to consider exactly where you will be working within the house. You may have a spare room that you have already converted into an office or a desk in the kitchen or lounge. To work efficiently it’s important to establish boundaries if there are family members within your household. This may include closing doors or even investing in a lock for the door to prevent interruptions during video conferencing or phone calls. You may have seen the video of Prof Robert Kelly trying desperately hold it together during an interview, whilst his children make an unannounced appearance. Wherever you decide to work from it is important to make sure your workspace is quiet and secure, so that you can focus on the task in hand.
  1. When working from home you should try and keep as close to your daily work schedule as possible. It’s important that you stay motivated throughout the day so be aware of any distractions which may interrupt your motivation. A great way to begin each morning is to make a to do list or create an online workflow list of everything that needs to be done. Try and prioritise these tasks, you will feel better once you complete and tick off each task. It’s important to maintain these routines as you may develop habits which will be hard to break once you start working from the office again.
  1. Exercise. We are all aware of the benefits of exercising and fresh air – it helps you regain focus, undo mental blocks and stop you from feeling sluggish. Where possible, swap your daily commute time for some outdoor activities.
  1. Engage with colleagues. When working from home you are likely to be working alone which means you could spend long periods of time not speaking to anyone which could feel isolating. Try and make some time to pick up the phone for conversation, rather than social media messaging or emails.
  1. Take regular breaks. It’s important to have a routine when working from home but that doesn’t mean work should become monotonous. Try to take regular breaks from the screen so as not to be seated in the same position for too long. It’s likely your normal working environment allows for more ergonomic adjustments throughout the day, such as height adjustable desking, seating and monitor arms. However, your home office furniture may not be as flexible so counter-act this by standing up, stretching and moving around at regular intervals during your working day.


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