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Open pla​n office furniture for modern workplaces

Prior to the mid-20th century the open plan office was mainly an office in which large rectangular rows of desks and benches seated employees performing repetitive tasks. However, the late 20th century saw an increase in ‘knowledge work’ and with the advancements of technology many companies and businesses began to experiment with different styles of open plan offices. Rather than the linear style of desks the early part of the century saw, the end began to see a mixture of open workstations, cubicles, group spaces and private office areas.

As open plan spacing can appear quite daunting to employees this new style of open plan offices can be ideal for many companies. Today we see a number of offices who require employees to collaborate on ideas, and research has shown some of the best ideas and work comes from those who communicate and work together. In this sense, open plan offices are truly beneficial. Encouraging communication is key to the open plan office whilst maintaining staff morale and ensuring the space is comfortable.

As stated previously many offices now use a mixture of spacing styles to create unique solutions. We provide a wide range of open plan furniture in different designs, shapes, sizes and colours that can be used in a variety of ways to build the perfect open plan office.

All of our open plan furniture is delivered free to UK mainland addresses. For any help with space planning please contact us. We have an in house design team who can work with you to visualise your ideal office setting and ensure you feel confident in your order. 

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