Treadmill Workstations

Introduce a little mindfulness into the workplace. Treadmill or wellbeing workstations provide everything you need to walk while you work and allow you to incorporate mindfulness movement as part of everyday routine tasks.

Get fit while you work with treadmill workstations and with a choice of manual or electronic height adjustment our treadmill desks are suitable for most of the working population.

The desks come, as standard, with an integrated console which provides information on steps taken, distance, walking time, calorie burn and speed.

On most models, Bluetooth, Apple Health and Google Fit are enabled and for those of us that can’t be away from social media for too long there is Facebook and Twitter integration.  

Walking on a treadmill workstation is proven to increase creativity, improve health, wellbeing and increase productivity.

Some experts believe that there is a convincing argument that sitting all day could, actually, be killing us and is the main reason why people suffer from age related diseases.  Scientists have also said that limiting the amount of time we spend sitting to three hours a day could prolong our lives by two years.

If you would like further information on our treadmill workstations then please call a member of the team who will be happy to help.

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