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Office Lighting

This section contains our range of office lamps, uplighters and other office lighting. Often overlooked when refurbishing an office, these office accessories will help to keep the area where a person is, lit to avoid straining of the eyes.

Lighting is often overlooked as an important aspect of the office. However, when we consider how much time the modern day worker spends within the office environment it is obvious that we should be thinking about how the aesthetics and layout of the office impacts upon the employee’s mood. This is important as the mood of the employees can have negative impacts upon the office morale. This in turn can produce a stressful environment that negatively effects the productivity and efficiency of those within it.

Many scientists have been studying the effects of lighting upon the office. Numerous studies have found that areas without access to natural light can increase depression, drastically alter the mood, energy and concentration of the employee. This can often be difficult as not all office environments have the access to a large amount of natural lighting. This is where artificial lighting can help as an alternative, or used alongside windows to create the perfect balance. 

These studies often look at how different tones can impact upon the office. It has been stated that in spaces where you require a high level of alertness and concentration the best type of lighting to use is cool blue tones. For areas in which you want a calm and relaxed environment a warm tone is better as this is relaxing but also cool enough to ensure employees remain motivated and alert.

It is clear through years of research and trial and error that the way in which an office space is lit can have dramatic effects upon those who work within it. It is a great idea to experiment with a range of office lamps and uplighters to see what the best lighting solution is for your specific office space. If you require help with this process don’t hesitate to get in touch as we have a design and sales team on hand to assist in selecting the appropriate furniture for you.

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