Combination Screens

Our range of combination split office screens are made from acrylic, fabric or wood. Also called semi glazed screens, these office screens feature a combination of glazing on the top half with a choice of wood or fabric on the bottom.

Combination glazed screens with wood or fabric options for any office environment

We provide combination screens and dividers for a range of applications. These kinds of screens can be found in libraries, colleges and offices. We offer two distinct styles here that are both designed for specific uses.

The Pratiko Curved Screens are often seen in university libraries, public libraries, and offices. The unique style is a curved wall screen that features two desks within each cubicle. It is available in a variety of finishes and this should be considered as to what aesthetic you are trying to maintain. A polycarbonate finish gives a minimalist aesthetic that feels light and open and can be a great addition to open plan offices, whilst a fabric finish can be chosen in a particular colour that can affect the atmosphere of the environment.

Acrylic and wooden free standing split combination office screens

The Pratiko Lite Combination Screens are often found in large offices to create singular desks whilst not cutting employees off from one another entirely. These are available in a variety of heights and widths and can be placed together in a range of combinations to suit your office environment. This combination screen differs from the other Pratiko as it does not include the desks but this can be a better option for some as it can be fitted to a specific desk.

For any more information on combination screens don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help and can provide a 3D visual image of your space that ensures you are utilizing your space in the best way possible. All of our office screens are available for free delivery to UK mainland addresses. 

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