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Glazed Desk Screens

This is our full range of acrylic desk screens and perspex desk dividers that can be made to fit along the length and width of any desk. Our glazed office desk screens will suit any offic environment.

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Acrylic desk screens that can be used in any modern office

Many modern offices nowadays want a change from the standard fabric desk screen that has been used for many decades as a way of separating desks to give users privacy.

Acrylic desk screens or also known as glazed desktop screens, are not only available in a variety of lengths or widths, but also in a range of different height options as well. This means that you can choose a glazed desk screen that is made to order and can be cut to your exact specifications.

We also have a range of brackets that are used to attach the acrylic desk screens to the desktop itself. This means there should be no problem in attaching the acrylic screens onto the desk, so whether you have a thin desktop or a desktop the does not overhang, we have a solution for you.

Now with the rise of a more clean look modern offices, glazed translucent screens for the desks offer a more attractive look and appeal as opposed to wood.and fabric. Acrylic desk screens also offer a range of different colour options as well to suit the style of any office.

The translucent material allows light to pass through and helps keep the office light as opposed to blocking out the light.

All of the acrylic desk partitions in this section are delivered free to any UK mainland address.