Fabric Screens

Our range of fabric screens and office dividers are available in a wide selection of colours and fabric ranges for any office environment.

Bespoke fabric office screens and upholstered dividers for any office environment 

The best type of office layout is a topic that has been widely debated in recent years. The open plan office that was championed in the mid-20th century is now widely considered to be unproductive and many dislike the 1950s style of long linear rows of rectangular desks. By the late 20th century many offices were experimenting with a mixed style of layout. By incorporating a mixture of cubicles created using fabric screens, workstations and offices many companies found the social aspect of the open plan office was still kept whilst employees felt they had privacy and could have their own personal space. A great way to create this kind of mixed layout is by using office screens.

We have a unrivalled selection of fabric screens and are a leading supplier of office screens in the UK. Choose from a huge selection of screens from Camira fabric ranges including Xtreme and Advantage as well as many more.

Fabric office screens in any size and colour

Fabric screens are a great way to experiment with the layout of your office whilst also playing with aesthetics. Colour has been proven to have an impact on morale and so different colours can be used to produce positive effects upon productivity.

We provide a range of fabric screens in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs and to suit all budgets. For cheap but great value screens go for the Pricebuster Freestanding Screens, or if you are looking for a more designer feel then incorporate the Zesto office screens into your workspace. We aim to provide a large choice at great value and so have something to suit all needs.

For any help with your space planning or to get advice on what screen suits your office don’t hesitate to get in touch. Buy fabric screens from Office Reality and receive a free UK mainland delivery service as standard.

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