Glazed Screens

It seems that when refurbishing an office, we often forget about the smaller pieces of office furniture or office accessories. We know that the desk and chair are one of the most important items of furniture and should not be considered lightly, but how many of us remember to budget for other accessories? Glazed screens are a typical example of this.

Acrylic and glass glazed screens for any office environment

Glazed screens are a modern solution compared to their fabric counterparts. The used of translucent material on the glazed office divider allows light to pass through keeping the office light and bright. There are usually 2 types of glazed office screen and that uses either glass or plastic (Perspex partition screens and vision screens)

In the past 60 years we have seen a transformation of the traditional office. What was once a space that consisted of closed off cubicles and private offices has become a large scale open plan work environment in which employees work together.

However, many offices struggle with the open plan style that we have seen more and more since the mid-20th century. This is due to their being an increase in ‘knowledge work’ as opposed to repetitive work, where employees need to be able to concentrate fully in quiet areas. There has also been an increase in call centre style work which relies on low noise levels for the staff to be able to use the phones effectively. However, both of these styles of work often rely on collaboration between staff, and so closed off cubicles can be anti-social and actually affect the productivity and office morale.

Glazed screens for busy call centres and offices 

Glazed screens are the ideal solution to loud and distracting office environments such as call centres and by incorporating them into this space you can help your staff remain alert and focused. They are also useful in areas where employees are required to collaborate but need space to think and work alone, as the minimalist design encourages light and ensures the office still feels ‘open’.

Commercial glazed screens, perspex partition screens and vision screens delivered free to the UK mainland

We offer a free delivery service to any UK mainland address as standard across all our glazed screens for the office. Buy your office screens with confidence from Office Reality. 

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