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Office pods created for open-plan office spaces

Noise pollution is an everyday occurrence that can leave us feeling tired or unable to concentrate. Environments such as crowded restaurants, breakout spaces and high traffic open plan areas are just a few interior space examples of where noise pollution is commonplace.

Telephones, air conditioning units and office equipment together with multiple conversations all play their part in and contribute towards noise pollution within the workplace. In recent years we have seen a shift towards reconfigurable, open plan office space which in turn has led to collaborative communal areas which can be noisy with people competing to hear or be heard.  

Take down the walls, install modular furniture, get as many people into the office space as possible and what are we left with?  Often, people working in close proximity unable to concentrate because of a noisy environment.

Acoustic office pods to create quiet meeting and workspaces

So what’s the answer?... Office pods. We have a range of acoustic pods and furniture solutions that will help to combat noise pollution. Choose from simple acoustic desk screens, our Aegis Solo Pod 3 is an individual concentration pod, our Erebus Meeting Pod 3 is an acoustic meeting space designed for ten people. All the acoustic solutions in this section can be manufactured to any shape or size allowing you full adaptability. Power and lighting options are available and installation is virtually tool-free with some models being suitable for a one-person build in less than 1 hour.

Like it or loathe it mobile phones have become part of our every waking hour and slowly but surely they are being accepted as an extension of or even a part of us. They are becoming commonplace, generally placed on our office desk no more than 10mm away from us. Acoustic pods are a great way of providing the privacy necessary for those ever so important phone calls!  Our Nemo privacy Pods are perfect private environment away from the open plan office. They are acoustically tested with a 30dB noise reduction rating (Certificate No. 22913 T01) and have 55mm thick panels…a mobile phone haven.

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