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Acoustic Screens

Our range of Acoustic panels and freestandin room dividers are available in a wide range of styles. We also have a large range of desk screens for privacy and noise reduction in the busiest offices.  Acoustic screens are aesthetically pleasing and a cost effective alternative to fixed partitions.

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Acoustic screens for all office types

Different studies have proven that constant noise can be extremely detrimental to the working environment. In 2014 it was found that employees lost up to 86 minutes a day because of distractive noise. Complaints are also made about the lack of sound privacy often found in modern offices. This can be an extremely difficult issue to tackle as the modern open plan style office can be beneficial in lots of other ways. The best way to deal with this problem is to try and find a middle ground and retain the open, light and natural feel of an open office whilst ensuring that noise is not a problem.

One way to do this is with acoustic office screening. These screens are cleverly designed to absorb large sharp levels of sound and keep volumes to a minimum. They offer an innovative and unique solution to the problem of noise within an office.

Unique design and bespoke acoustic office screen and divider options

A great aspect of acoustic screens for the office is that they are often available in a range of unique designs, patterns and colours. We provide a range of acoustic office screens that are all individually designed and available in a range of colours and patterns. This can be a great way to play around with the aesthetics of the office environment and bring different colours into the space. Colour has been proven to influence employees and so can be used in different ways to encourage productivity and boost staff morale.

There is a huge range of colours and fabric styles to help customise the screens to fit in perfectly with your business. These acoustic screens are all available to buy with a free UK mainland delivery service as standard.

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