Designer Bookcases

Designer bookcases are those which usually compliment designer furniture ranges such as the Alto designer bookcase that is available in avocado green, aubergine and white.

You can choose mix and match the colours and sizes according to your requirements. The Mexico designer bookcase is available in walnut and black and comes in two versions one is more standard with panel sides and horizontal shelves and the other has a more interesting continuous ‘snake’ structure. When two of these units are joined together they form a unique bookcase formation which compliments the rest of the Mexico furniture.

Why designer bookcases differ from the rest

Designer bookcases usually have an added feature which sets them apart for the more standardized type of bookcase. The Washington bookcase has a glass sliding door which adds kudos and style to any working environment. The sliver too has a sliding door with a 10mm thick clear glass top these are all extras which help transform everyday items in to something more. 

We can help and advise you on which designer bookcase would be most suitable for your office. We have supplied numerous schools and colleges offices and home offices with this type of storage solution. Please do not hesitate to call us if you need anymore information. Buy designer bookcases from Office Reality and get a free UK mainland delivery service on all of your orders.

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