Industrial cupboards

A selection of industrial cupboards for the safety storage of hazardous chemicals. Within our range of industrial cabinets, we have a selection of flammable cabinets in a large variety of sizes to suit the storage needs of the environment in which it is placed. 

Industrial cupboards are an essential for any space that uses hazardous chemicals. This makes them a requirement in most workplaces and a must-have in commercial applications such as restaurants, bars, cafés and pubs. They are also a necessity in laborites and science departments in schools, colleges and universities.

There is a high standard of cleaning in commercial applications and workspaces but with this standard comes strict health and safety regulations that are important to upkeep. For example, it is extremely important to keep different types of chemicals separate, and if this is not done then often the company can be penalised during an inspection. Furniture designers and manufacturers are aware of this requirement and so we work with suppliers to provide a range of industrial cupboards to suit specific needs.

Our range of industrial cupboards contains 3 main types of cupboard. These are Acid and Alkali, Flammable and Hazardous Chemical. It is extremely important that these 3 types of substances and materials are kept separately and our range of industrial cupboards are all specifically tailored to a single substance whilst being durable and hard-wearing. Each of these cupboards has its own features that ensures the safety of those working with the substances. For example, the Acid & Alkali cupboard has adjustable trays for the removable of spillages, whilst the Hazardous Chemical cupboard is fitted with an internal smoke alarm. There are many more features to each of our industrial cupboards so please browse through and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.  

All of our industrial cupboards are delivered for free to UK mainland postcodes.


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