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All White Lockers

White lockers are designed to be used in clean working environments such as hospitals and surgeries, making them easier to keep clean. They are coated in an antibacterial finish making them not just clean looking but hygienically clean as well, bacteria are reduced by 99.9%, which includes MRSA and e-coli.

All white lockers also look great in offices and work environments looking for a cleaner more minimal look. 

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Our white lockers are great for use in environments that require an extra level of cleanliness or in modern surroundings that would benefit from a clean and minimal style.

Lockers come with an antibacterial coating as standard for extra hygiene and peace of mind. Tested and proven to reduce bacteria by 99.9%, including MRSA and e-coli, making them ideal for hospitals, dental practices, and doctors surgeries.

Each locker also has a built in air ventilation system, reducing odour, especially important in leisure centres.

Lockers come with a choice of one, two, three, four, five, six or eight doors, depending on what type of items you want to store. There is also a choice of lock fitting, standard cam or padlock. 

Key features:

Range of door options

Antibacterial coating

Also available with padlock fitting

Robust welded construction

Nesting options available