Colour Plus Lockers

ColourPlus lockers offer a brighter look compared to most lockers, making them ideal for schools, leisure centres and offices. There’s a choice of seven door colours and three body colours, which opens up a lot of options when it comes to deciding on the look and feel of the lockers. The lockers can be nested as either two or three, creating a larger number of lockers in one unit as well as saving you money.

All lockers are coated in an antibacterial powder coating which is effective up to 99.99% in bacterial reduction, making the ColourPlus range more than ideal for use in hospitals and schools. The lockers are also built with air ventilation as standard, eliminating odour. 

ColourPlus lockers offer high quality and a splash of colour. Ideal for use in schools, leisure centres, offices and hospitals. With a huge choice of seven door colours and three body frame colours, there’s plenty of scope for some interesting combinations.

If hygiene is of importance in the work place, then the antibacterial coating will have you covered. The coating reduces e-coli, MRSA and bacteria by 99.9%, making these lockers more than safe to use in hospitals, schools and kitchens.

The option for nesting the lockers saves you money as well as increasing locker numbers, pre punched holes also allow for further nesting beyond the two or three nesting options offered here.

Air ventilation is built in as standard, reducing odour from clothes.

Key features:

Choice of colours

Antibacterial coating

Air ventilation system

Nesting options, two or three

Choice of lock fitting, standard or padlock

Range of different sizes

Reinforced doors

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