ColourPlus Plastic Lockers

The ColourPlus plastic locker range offers fun bold colours and waterproof storage. Ideal for use near swimming pools, sports and leisure centres, hospitals and schools or even outside (waterproof if sheltered from the rain).

These great lockers are made from high density polyethylene making them rust proof, and are made from antibacterial materials, reducing the chance of spreading bacteria. Lockers come in one, two, three or four door versions, allowing for different sized items to be stored.

No assembly required, delivered ready to use, delivery estimate 10 – 15 working days.

Metal lockers aren’t always ideal due to some environments being damp and humid, when it’s wet or you need to store damp clothes then plastic is a better option.

Removing the worry of rust and decomposition which a metal locker would eventually suffer from if left in a damp environment, plastic lockers offer the same level of security but with environmental protection.

ColourPlus plastic lockers are ideal for use near water or areas that are open to the elements. All lockers are made from high density polyethylene with antibacterial properties which reduces the spread of bacteria, MRSA, mould and yeast, making these lockers safe for use in areas of humidity.

There’s a choice of four door colours which can be mixed to create a fun vibrant look. Choose between a standard cam lock or a padlock fitting should you wish to use your own padlocks.

If you’re using the locker outside, then the built in 15 year UV protection will increase the locker’s durability and longevity.


Key features:

15 year UV protection


Choice of lock

Indoor and outdoor use

Antibacterial properties

10 Year guarantee

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