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Garment Lockers

Garment lockers are designed to securely store clothes, especially in work places that require a change of uniform or clothes.

Lockers come with air ventilation built in as standard to prevent odours and an antibacterial coating to protect against the spread of bacteria including e-coli and MRSA.

This is a great locker range for use in hospitals, leisure centres, schools and work environments that require a change of clothes on the job. 

Free delivery on all lockers.

Our range of garment lockers provide storage for different work environments, including hospitals, laboratories, schools, leisure centres, army bases, retail shops and anywhere that requires a uniform or change of clothes.

When you need to collect or deposit clothes for cleaning, or just need a safe place to store garments then these lockers are ideal.

Built to a high standard in the UK and available in a selection of designs, including 5, 10 or 15 door lockers or as a service or bulk garment collector locker.

When handling soiled clothes hygiene can be an issue which is why all lockers come with an antibacterial coating to stop the spread of bacteria. Lockers are also built with a ventilation system to reduce odour.

There’s also a choice of lock type, either a standard cam lock or optional padlock fitting for no extra charge.

Estimated delivery 7 – 10 working days.

Key features:

Antibacterial coating

Ventilation system

Range of compartment sizes

Choice of lock type

Solid steel construction

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