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In-Charge Lockers

In- charge lockers provide a safe and secure place to store electronic devices as well as offer the ability to recharge their batteries for the duration that the device is in the locker.

Whether you are looking to store and charge power tools, mobile phones or laptops, we have a locker that will fulfil your storage needs.

Made from high quality welded steel construction, each locker has a choice of door colour, an antibacterial coating and heat dissipation perforations built in.

Estimated delivery time 10 – 15 working days. 

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As our technology evolves so does the way we store things, tablets, phones, laptops are all valuable items which we rely on, on a daily basis and need to keep safe.

Our in-charge lockers are the perfect solution for storing your devices as well as being able to recharge their batteries while you’re away. 

The lockers all have perforations cut into the steel to make sure devices don’t overheat. This is important for fire safety regulations and keeps your devices safe.

Plug sockets are built into the back of the compartment allowing for the recharging of electronic devices or power tools. This a convenient way to recharge devices and means multiple devices can recharge at the same time.

Some models allow for access via a single service door, or you can choose a model that has a door for each compartment, depending on your requirements.

Estimated delivery time 10 – 15 working days.


Key features:

Solid steel construction

Available with or without charging facility

Strong hinge

Heat dissipation

Service door or multi-door models available

Choice of lock type

Antibacterial coating