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Locker Accessories

There's a lot of choice when it comes to lockers and with accessories they can be further expanded to suit your particular needs. Should you need a stand for your lockers, a coin or token return locking mechanism, a coat rail, digital combination lock or sloping top, then we will have the accessories that will complete your ideal locker setup.

Need a different type of lock? We offer six different types of lock, specific to make and model because a standard cam lock won’t always be appropriate. Probe’s 3-digit combination lock for example is ideal for school or college lockers, lost keys will no longer be an issue. A master key is also available which can be used to override the combination lock, so if a combination is forgotten or you need to access a locker it’s as easy as turning a key.

If you’re looking to store a locker in an area that where the floor is likely to get dirty or wet, then raising a locker off the ground is no problem. We offer stands for both the Elite and Probe ranges, keeping the locker clean and away from dirt and moisture.

Go one step further and add a stand with a seat for the Elite range, enabling users to sit down and change their shoes or keep their items off the floor whilst using the locker.

Want to stop litter being left on top of lockers? We can supply you with sloping tops to prevent that.

Whatever your locker needs are we’ll have something for you here.