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PPE Lockers

Personal protection equipment is an important aspect of safety in the workplace, therefore it’s important to keep it safe. Our lockers provide a safe and secure solution for PPE storage. All lockers come with PPE labels and provide a range of different door options, from a single door locker to a six door locker ideal for the storage of hard hats or smaller items.

Delivery time estimated 7 – 10 days. Delivered fully assembled and ready to use. 

Personal protection equipment lockers are especially designed to safely and securely store PPE equipment. All lockers are clearly labelled for the use of PPE equipment so employees will know where their equipment should go. It is a health and safety requirement to keep PPE equipment safe, therefore the range of lockers we offer are ideally suited to fulfil this requirement.

Lockers come in a range of depths and door options, making them suitable for different types and sizes of PPE equipment, whether it’s hard hats, goggles, or coats. The clean and dirty locker is a great choice if contamination of normal clothes is likely due to the PPE equipment becoming dirty through use, keeping the two sets of clothes separated.

All lockers come with an antibacterial coating as standard which reduces bacteria by 99.9%, including e-coli and MRSA. This means they can be used in areas that require stringent levels of hygiene, as well as protecting the equipment from contamination.

Lockers come assembled and ready to use. Optional padlock fitting. Delivery time estimated 7 – 10 working days.

Key features:

Labelled specifically for PPE equipment

Antibacterial coating

Air ventilation

Range of sizes and options available

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