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School Lockers

Finding a locker that is not only engaging but also the right size for school children is made easy with our range of school lockers. Offering a range of colours and sizes these lockers are ideal for young children as well as students looking to store their items in a safe place. Built to a high standard these lockers also provide cleanliness, with an antibacterial powder coating applied as standard, ensuring a safer environment for children and reducing the chance of spreading colds and viruses through the use of the lockers.

Creating a safe but fun environment in school is important, our range of school lockers offers both. Using an antibacterial powder coating, bacteria including e-coli and MRSA, is reduced by 99.9%.

This range comes in a variety of colours to keep the environment interesting and fun. The lockers come in a range of sizes, so whether you’re looking for a small cube locker that can be added to, or perhaps something for the older student for storing away electronic devices, the school locker range will have what you need. 

If you’re looking for something a bit more robust then our Trespa laminate door lockers are ideal. Not only are they shockproof but they’re also scratch resistant, wear resistant, graffiti resistant and easy to clean. There’s a large range of colours and you can also mix and match to create a much more interesting looking locker unit.

Some lockers can also be bought nested, so if you’re after three columns of locker it not only makes it a more solid unit but it will also save you money.

Key Features:

Antibacterial coating

Variety of colours

Robust laminate doors on Trespa range

Optional lock fittings

Free delivery

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