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Trespa Laminate Lockers

Trespa lockers are made with solid grade 10mm laminate doors, giving a unique finish and a much more resilient build. Built to withstand impacts these locker doors are also graffiti and water resistant. Doors are hung on a 180° degree opening hinge allowing the door to be opened fully which creates a much wider access area.

There are seven door colours to choose from. Delivery time 7 – 10 working days.

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With a variety of door finishes and sizes to choose from, the Trespa laminate door range offers a great locker for schools, hospitals and leisure centres.

Designed with a 180° degree opening hinge, the locker doors open much wider than a standard locker allowing for a wider access area.

The doors are graffiti, scratch, water and shock resistant, making them ideal for schools and leisure centres where there’s likely to be more wear and tear.

Made from 10mm laminate the doors are inset giving the locker a flush solid finish as well as making it harder for the doors to be pushed inward. The hinge securing plate clamps the door to the hinge increasing security and preventing the door from caving inwards on impact.

All lockers have an antibacterial powder coating which reduces bacteria by 99.9%, including MRSA and e-coli, making these lockers ideal for use in schools and leisure centres.

Delivery time 7 – 10 working days

Key features:

180° opening hinge

Choice of lock fitting, cam or padlock

Shock, scratch, graffiti, water resistant doors

Solid 10mm laminate doors

Choice of seven door colours

Hinge securing plate