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Workwear Lockers

Keeping work clothes separate from day clothes is sometimes necessary and in those instances where the job can get a bit mucky it’s even important to keep them apart.

We offer a wide range different sized lockers with different compartments and sections. Our clean and dirty wardrobe locker keeps your day clothes clean whilst storing them with soiled work clothes. We also offer twin lockers, uniform lockers, and two person lockers, whatever the situation we’ve got a locker that will suit your needs. 

Free delivery to UK mainland. 

Workwear lockers, designed for securely storing work clothes are ideal for environments that require a uniform, a clean change of clothes, or storage of soiled garments. Each locker comes with an antibacterial coating, and air ventilation system, for maximum hygiene.

Popular in staff rooms, police stations and hospitals, these lockers are built to last. With a choice of door colours and nesting options, it’s easy to find the look and size of the locker you want. Buying lockers nested together will also save money.

We offer clean and dirty lockers, two person or twin lockers and a high capacity uniform locker. Each locker offers unique characteristics depending on your needs.

A twin locker is a great way to save space, where you can have two people only using the space of one person.

Clean and dirty lockers are used to separate clean clothes from soiled clothes by having two separate compartments, one side for clean and one side for dirty. Ideal for keeping normal day clothes clean.

Clothing / wardrobe lockers are used to store more general work clothes, as well as other personal items, making them ideal for staff rooms or changing rooms.

All lockers are delivered free of charge within the UK, estimated 7 – 10 working days. 

Key Features:

Antibacterial coating

Air ventilation

Choice of colours

Different sizes available

Nesting options available

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