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Storage accessories

This section contains all of our office storage accessories including extra shelves, lateral filing shelves, wooden shelves and shelf dividers. Whatever your storage and filing needs, this section contains a range of different storage accessory solutions for office cupboards and tambour cupboards.

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In this section you will find all the accessories that go with various storage solutions in our range. We provide a wide range of storage solutions that can be used in a number of places, including the office.

Storage is a necessary part of the office environment. It can be surprising how quickly an office space gets cluttered! Before you know it there is paperwork everywhere, personal belongings stashed around desks and overflowing bins. This kind of workplace is bad for several reasons, and investing in solid storage solutions can be a beneficial way to contain the madness! Here are some reasons why providing your office with storage can have positive outcomes.

Firstly, a messy environment is dangerous. Staff having personal belongings on the floor can lead to accidents and safety should be a number one priority in any workspace. Secondly, offices can be subject to theft and so leaving out valuable items and paperwork can be a threat to the security of the space. Thirdly, clutter is bad for both your physical and your mental health. A messy workspace = a messy mind. This kind of environment can cause stress and impact negatively on the productivity of the employees. By organising the office you can boost the morale and keep employees stress-free.

Thus, it is ultimately beneficial to ensure the office, and other similar work environments, are kept tidy and clutter free. By choosing to buy storage solutions from Office Reality you are investing in a clean future for your team which will ensure the health, safety and happiness of those around you.

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