Tambour Cupboards

Tambour Cupboards for sale

We sell tambour cupboards or tambour cabinets, that are available in different height options depending on your storage needs. Choose between metal and wood tambour options.

A tambour Cupboard can come in a range of different heights and shapes but what makes it a tambour is the ‘tambour door’. This consists of strips that can be either metal or plastic and are fixed together to allow the doors to flex and so they can easily slide round the back of the cupboard when opened. This prevents the danger of open doors that can flap in front or be broken and so ensures the safety of those using the cupboard.

Tambour cupboards, a space saving solution

The innovative design of tambour doors also makes them the ideal choice for areas where space is limited such as office spaces or in schools and colleges well as in hospitality applications. Tambour doors are also strong and ensure the protection of the materials inside.

There are two main types of tambour – side openings and up-style openings. The side opening doors are the most common and this is where the doors retract sideways around the cupboard. The other style – up – is similar to a garage door where the door retracts upwards. Both styles are suitable for a number of applications.

We provide a wide range of tambour cupboards in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes and colour options to suit your needs. Buy tambour cupboards with confidence from Office Reality and get your order delivered free to UK mainland addresses. 

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