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Plastic Conference Chairs over £100

These Plastic Conference Chairs over £100 are very high class and great value for money. They are produced with back support in mind and all have ergonomic moulded back supports and seats. This is integral for long periods of seating.

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We aim to provide a large amount of choice to suit all budgets requirements and the needs of the application. In this section you can find our range of plastic conference furniture that is available for over £100. The seating in this range is high quality and built to the highest possible standard within the UK or Europe. 

Since the industrial revolution the use of plastic has revolutionised the furniture industry. Many of the iconic pieces of furniture from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s were manufactured using plastic and it is these types of modern furniture that stick in people's minds. Plastic has become so popular among designers and manufacturers because of its flexibility; it can be moulded into various shapes and styles to create unique furniture that is eye-catching. It is this flexibility that makes it the perfect material to use when considering ergonomics.

Ergonomics has become more and more important as the office hours have increased and many job roles are now computer orientated, meaning employees often spend long hours sitting at a desk and so require furniture to support them through this. The seating in this range are designed to support the human body and offer full posture support with ergonomic moulded back supports and seats. This is necessary for any application which requires long periods of sitting i.e. conferences, meeting rooms and functions. 

Some chairs in this range are stackable, such as the Soul Conference Chairs or the Aura Chairs. This is beneficial to spaces that require transforming regularly as the chairs can be easily moved, stacked and stored away. This is also beneficial for hygiene as it allows the space to be opened up for thorough cleaning. Plastic itself as a material is also easy to clean and easy to maintain. These chairs can withstand alot of pressure in a busy environment. They feature anti-skid feet, are UV resistant and water resistant – they can even be used outdoors.

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