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Office Pods & Booths

Discover the diverse range of office pods and booths at Office Reality, your premier destination for modern office solutions. Designed to enhance privacy and reduce noise in open-plan offices, our selection of office pods and booths cater to various needs, from individual phone booths to spacious meeting pods. Explore our products to find solutions that blend functionality with style, ideal for fostering productivity and confidentiality in your workplace.

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Our range of office pods & booths

An office pod with one transparent glass wall and a black frame. The design is sleek and contemporary, suitable for open office environments.

Office Pods

Office pods are standalone units perfect for creating private spaces in busy environments. Ideal for focused work or small meetings, our office pods are boast acoustic properties and are tested to the highest dB rating and some are equipped with modern amenities such as integrated power sockets and LED lighting. 

Office Booths

Office booths are versatile, easy to install, and they are the perfect solution to help manage space in any office layout. Our booths are designed to offer privacy without the need for construction, and provide a quiet space for phone calls or video conferences.

An isolated single-person office pod featuring a high-back design for privacy. The pod is constructed with light wood panels and white exterior walls.
A contemporary standing-height office pod designed for two people. The pod features curved mustard yellow panels with black trim and large glass doors for access.

Office Meeting Pods

Specifically designed for group interactions, our office meeting pods come in various sizes to accommodate small and large team gatherings. Our meeting pods are equipped with acoustically treated walls for optimal sound insulation.

Office Phone Booths

Our office phone booths are tailored for privacy, providing soundproofing for confidential calls and undisturbed work. Each booth ensures employees can conduct private conversations, or focus on sensitive tasks, without interruption from the surrounding office environment.

A minimalist phone booth pod designed for privacy in office environments. The pod has a tall, narrow frame with a black exterior and a large glass door for visibility and light entry.

Why choose Office Reality for office pods & booths?

Free installation

At Office Reality, we believe that upgrading your office should be as stress-free as possible. That’s why we offer free installation on all products in our range of office pods and booths, ensuring that your new office solutions are set up quickly, efficiently, and without any additional costs.


With years of experience in providing office furniture solutions, Office Reality is a trusted name in designing office spaces that cater to evolving workplace needs. Our expertise is reflected in our carefully curated product range, designed to offer the best in comfort and functionality.

Customer satisfaction

We prioritise customer satisfaction and offer transparent customer service and support. All our products come with guarantees, and our customer case studies are a testament to our commitment to quality and reliability.

Can Office Reality help me find the best office pod or booth?

For more information about our office pods and booths, or to request a custom solution, please contact our expert team. We are here to help you create a productive and stylish office environment.

Customer Case Studies

We have helped transform workspaces using our extensive range of products for a number of years.

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