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Premises Management

This section of our website contains a range of products for managing the day to day tasks of your office. We have a range of platform trucks and sack trucks that enable you to move large objects around the office with ease.

Safety is the number one concern when managing a large number of employees. This extends beyond office spaces and into all commercial applications, especially those in which staff are lifting and moving items around frequently. For example, many restaurant employees will have to move tables and chairs around during close time and this can be a long process that if not done correctly could cause injuries.

We provide a range of products that are useful in managing the day to day task in the office and the moving and lifting of items in other commercial applications. By investing in products seen in this range you can ensure the safety of your employees.

The restaurant staff that have to move tables and chairs around would benefit highly from Platform Trucks and Sack Trucks. These ensure that heavy items can be moved quickly without too much straining or unnecessary lifting. Our range of Trolleys features products that are also perfect for moving items around quickly and so are perfect for libraries, offices and hospitals.

Waste management is also a concern for offices. Included in this section are a wide range of bins and paper baskets to help promote a neat and tidy workspace. We also have a range of recycling bins in a variety of sizes – ensure your business stays environmentally friendly and eco-conscious.

Choose from a variety of Premise Management products that can make the day to day jobs both easier and safer. All of the products in this range are available for free delivery to UK mainland addresses – buy with confidence from Office Reality, one of the leading suppliers of office furniture in the UK.