Coffee Tables can be traced back throughout European history to around the 17th and 18th centuries. However, they are thought to have been around for a lot longer in parts of Asia, such as in the Indian subcontinent and Japan, where eating at a low table has been a tradition in many areas for thousands of years. This is where the European coffee table is thought to have been influenced from and since the 20th century coffee tables can be found in many cafés, bars, and coffee shops as well as in the home.

Coffee tables are a great addition to reception areas and waiting rooms as they are not overly formal and the low level makes it easy to view items held upon them when sitting. This is useful for spaces that hold information such as leaflets and pamphlets, and so the coffee table can be found in many other spaces such as travel agencies, tourist information centres and doctors surgeries.

We provide an extensive range of coffee tables both Wooden and Glass and in a number of styles, colours, materials and finishes. Our range extends from budget to designer although all of the items in our selection are built to the highest possible standard and are made with quality manufacturing. If you require help in selecting the appropriate furniture for your space please get in touch as we are happy to assist in this process.

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