Mid Century Sofas & Chairs

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Mid century sofas and armchairs adopt the characteristics of the period with clean lines, curves and smooth surfaces.

The period embraced geometric minimalism, as excess is not to be found in Mid-century modern design. It was a goodbye to the heavily ornamental designs of the past. Mid-century modern and the furniture produced in this era were meant for light and airy spaces, embracing the quest for a clean, uncluttered look. Danish designers and furniture makers honed in on their skills to handcraft beautiful wooden framed chairs and sofas, exposing the natural wood frame, which would have usually been disguised. We are able to offer many contemporary styles of mid-century sofa and armchairs, they usually are unfussy and linear in the overall appearance, adopting buttoning, or ribbed cushioning and supported by a wooden or metal frame tapered feet.

Mid-century or Mid-century modern (MCM) refers mainly to the design movement in interior, product, graphic design, architecture, urban development and furniture styles from around 1945 to 1975. Cara Greenberg in the book, Furniture of the 1950's, reaffirmed and cemented the term and it is now a recognised term describing items from this period.

Sofas and armchairs from this period were a result of readily available materials such as bent plywood, fiberglass, aluminum, and steel.  Designers wanted to show these materials as opposed to covering them or disguising them. Compared to the industrialised American market the Danish honed in on their handcrafted working methods to create beautiful exposed wooden framed seating.

Furniture designed manufactured in America during this period were a result of readily available industrial materials, architects and designers were able to provide beautiful, functional yet affordable and attainable pieces for the new emerging market. Materials such as plastics, plywood, metal, glass, and vinyl made their appearance in furnishings of this era. Many of the new materials made furniture pieces affordable, particularly molded fiberglass, which became popular for creating new biomorphic shapes. 


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